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Available CPUs for this target:

  amdfam10       - Select the amdfam10 processor.
  athlon         - Select the athlon processor.
  athlon-4       - Select the athlon-4 processor.
  athlon-fx      - Select the athlon-fx processor.
  athlon-mp      - Select the athlon-mp processor.
  athlon-tbird   - Select the athlon-tbird processor.
  athlon-xp      - Select the athlon-xp processor.
  athlon64       - Select the athlon64 processor.
  athlon64-sse3  - Select the athlon64-sse3 processor.
  atom           - Select the atom processor.
  barcelona      - Select the barcelona processor.
  bdver1         - Select the bdver1 processor.
  bdver2         - Select the bdver2 processor.
  bdver3         - Select the bdver3 processor.
  bdver4         - Select the bdver4 processor.
  bonnell        - Select the bonnell processor.
  broadwell      - Select the broadwell processor.
  btver1         - Select the btver1 processor.
  btver2         - Select the btver2 processor.
  c3             - Select the c3 processor.
  c3-2           - Select the c3-2 processor.
  cannonlake     - Select the cannonlake processor.
  cascadelake    - Select the cascadelake processor.
  cooperlake     - Select the cooperlake processor.
  core-avx-i     - Select the core-avx-i processor.
  core-avx2      - Select the core-avx2 processor.
  core2          - Select the core2 processor.
  corei7         - Select the corei7 processor.
  corei7-avx     - Select the corei7-avx processor.
  generic        - Select the generic processor.
  geode          - Select the geode processor.
  goldmont       - Select the goldmont processor.
  goldmont-plus  - Select the goldmont-plus processor.
  haswell        - Select the haswell processor.
  i386           - Select the i386 processor.
  i486           - Select the i486 processor.
  i586           - Select the i586 processor.
  i686           - Select the i686 processor.
  icelake-client - Select the icelake-client processor.
  icelake-server - Select the icelake-server processor.
  ivybridge      - Select the ivybridge processor.
  k6             - Select the k6 processor.
  k6-2           - Select the k6-2 processor.
  k6-3           - Select the k6-3 processor.
  k8             - Select the k8 processor.
  k8-sse3        - Select the k8-sse3 processor.
  knl            - Select the knl processor.
  knm            - Select the knm processor.
  lakemont       - Select the lakemont processor.
  nehalem        - Select the nehalem processor.
  nocona         - Select the nocona processor.
  opteron        - Select the opteron processor.
  opteron-sse3   - Select the opteron-sse3 processor.
  penryn         - Select the penryn processor.
  pentium        - Select the pentium processor.
  pentium-m      - Select the pentium-m processor.
  pentium-mmx    - Select the pentium-mmx processor.
  pentium2       - Select the pentium2 processor.
  pentium3       - Select the pentium3 processor.
  pentium3m      - Select the pentium3m processor.
  pentium4       - Select the pentium4 processor.
  pentium4m      - Select the pentium4m processor.
  pentiumpro     - Select the pentiumpro processor.
  prescott       - Select the prescott processor.
  sandybridge    - Select the sandybridge processor.
  silvermont     - Select the silvermont processor.
  skx            - Select the skx processor.
  skylake        - Select the skylake processor.
  skylake-avx512 - Select the skylake-avx512 processor.
  slm            - Select the slm processor.
  tigerlake      - Select the tigerlake processor.
  tremont        - Select the tremont processor.
  westmere       - Select the westmere processor.
  winchip-c6     - Select the winchip-c6 processor.
  winchip2       - Select the winchip2 processor.
  x86-64         - Select the x86-64 processor.
  yonah          - Select the yonah processor.
  znver1         - Select the znver1 processor.
  znver2         - Select the znver2 processor.

Available features for this target:

  16bit-mode                  - 16-bit mode (i8086).
  32bit-mode                  - 32-bit mode (80386).
  3dnow                       - Enable 3DNow! instructions.
  3dnowa                      - Enable 3DNow! Athlon instructions.
  64bit                       - Support 64-bit instructions.
  64bit-mode                  - 64-bit mode (x86_64).
  adx                         - Support ADX instructions.
  aes                         - Enable AES instructions.
  avx                         - Enable AVX instructions.
  avx2                        - Enable AVX2 instructions.
  avx512bf16                  - Support bfloat16 floating point.
  avx512bitalg                - Enable AVX-512 Bit Algorithms.
  avx512bw                    - Enable AVX-512 Byte and Word Instructions.
  avx512cd                    - Enable AVX-512 Conflict Detection Instructions.
  avx512dq                    - Enable AVX-512 Doubleword and Quadword Instructions.
  avx512er                    - Enable AVX-512 Exponential and Reciprocal Instructions.
  avx512f                     - Enable AVX-512 instructions.
  avx512ifma                  - Enable AVX-512 Integer Fused Multiple-Add.
  avx512pf                    - Enable AVX-512 PreFetch Instructions.
  avx512vbmi                  - Enable AVX-512 Vector Byte Manipulation Instructions.
  avx512vbmi2                 - Enable AVX-512 further Vector Byte Manipulation Instructions.
  avx512vl                    - Enable AVX-512 Vector Length eXtensions.
  avx512vnni                  - Enable AVX-512 Vector Neural Network Instructions.
  avx512vp2intersect          - Enable AVX-512 vp2intersect.
  avx512vpopcntdq             - Enable AVX-512 Population Count Instructions.
  bmi                         - Support BMI instructions.
  bmi2                        - Support BMI2 instructions.
  branchfusion                - CMP/TEST can be fused with conditional branches.
  cldemote                    - Enable Cache Demote.
  clflushopt                  - Flush A Cache Line Optimized.
  clwb                        - Cache Line Write Back.
  clzero                      - Enable Cache Line Zero.
  cmov                        - Enable conditional move instructions.
  cx16                        - 64-bit with cmpxchg16b.
  cx8                         - Support CMPXCHG8B instructions.
  enqcmd                      - Has ENQCMD instructions.
  ermsb                       - REP MOVS/STOS are fast.
  f16c                        - Support 16-bit floating point conversion instructions.
  false-deps-lzcnt-tzcnt      - LZCNT/TZCNT have a false dependency on dest register.
  false-deps-popcnt           - POPCNT has a false dependency on dest register.
  fast-11bytenop              - Target can quickly decode up to 11 byte NOPs.
  fast-15bytenop              - Target can quickly decode up to 15 byte NOPs.
  fast-bextr                  - Indicates that the BEXTR instruction is implemented as a single uop with good throughput.
  fast-gather                 - Indicates if gather is reasonably fast.
  fast-hops                   - Prefer horizontal vector math instructions (haddp, phsub, etc.) over normal vector instructions with shuffles.
  fast-lzcnt                  - LZCNT instructions are as fast as most simple integer ops.
  fast-scalar-fsqrt           - Scalar SQRT is fast (disable Newton-Raphson).
  fast-scalar-shift-masks     - Prefer a left/right scalar logical shift pair over a shift+and pair.
  fast-shld-rotate            - SHLD can be used as a faster rotate.
  fast-variable-shuffle       - Shuffles with variable masks are fast.
  fast-vector-fsqrt           - Vector SQRT is fast (disable Newton-Raphson).
  fast-vector-shift-masks     - Prefer a left/right vector logical shift pair over a shift+and pair.
  fma                         - Enable three-operand fused multiple-add.
  fma4                        - Enable four-operand fused multiple-add.
  fsgsbase                    - Support FS/GS Base instructions.
  fxsr                        - Support fxsave/fxrestore instructions.
  gfni                        - Enable Galois Field Arithmetic Instructions.
  idivl-to-divb               - Use 8-bit divide for positive values less than 256.
  idivq-to-divl               - Use 32-bit divide for positive values less than 2^32.
  invpcid                     - Invalidate Process-Context Identifier.
  lea-sp                      - Use LEA for adjusting the stack pointer.
  lea-uses-ag                 - LEA instruction needs inputs at AG stage.
  lwp                         - Enable LWP instructions.
  lzcnt                       - Support LZCNT instruction.
  macrofusion                 - Various instructions can be fused with conditional branches.
  merge-to-threeway-branch    - Merge branches to a three-way conditional branch.
  mmx                         - Enable MMX instructions.
  movbe                       - Support MOVBE instruction.
  movdir64b                   - Support movdir64b instruction.
  movdiri                     - Support movdiri instruction.
  mpx                         - Deprecated. Support MPX instructions.
  mwaitx                      - Enable MONITORX/MWAITX timer functionality.
  nopl                        - Enable NOPL instruction.
  pad-short-functions         - Pad short functions.
  pclmul                      - Enable packed carry-less multiplication instructions.
  pconfig                     - platform configuration instruction.
  pku                         - Enable protection keys.
  popcnt                      - Support POPCNT instruction.
  prefer-128-bit              - Prefer 128-bit AVX instructions.
  prefer-256-bit              - Prefer 256-bit AVX instructions.
  prefer-mask-registers       - Prefer AVX512 mask registers over PTEST/MOVMSK.
  prefetchwt1                 - Prefetch with Intent to Write and T1 Hint.
  prfchw                      - Support PRFCHW instructions.
  ptwrite                     - Support ptwrite instruction.
  rdpid                       - Support RDPID instructions.
  rdrnd                       - Support RDRAND instruction.
  rdseed                      - Support RDSEED instruction.
  retpoline                   - Remove speculation of indirect branches from the generated code, either by avoiding them entirely or lowering them with a speculation blocking construct.
  retpoline-external-thunk    - When lowering an indirect call or branch using a `retpoline`, rely on the specified user provided thunk rather than emitting one ourselves. Only has effect when combined with some other retpoline feature.
  retpoline-indirect-branches - Remove speculation of indirect branches from the generated code.
  retpoline-indirect-calls    - Remove speculation of indirect calls from the generated code.
  rtm                         - Support RTM instructions.
  sahf                        - Support LAHF and SAHF instructions.
  sgx                         - Enable Software Guard Extensions.
  sha                         - Enable SHA instructions.
  shstk                       - Support CET Shadow-Stack instructions.
  slow-3ops-lea               - LEA instruction with 3 ops or certain registers is slow.
  slow-incdec                 - INC and DEC instructions are slower than ADD and SUB.
  slow-lea                    - LEA instruction with certain arguments is slow.
  slow-pmaddwd                - PMADDWD is slower than PMULLD.
  slow-pmulld                 - PMULLD instruction is slow.
  slow-shld                   - SHLD instruction is slow.
  slow-two-mem-ops            - Two memory operand instructions are slow.
  slow-unaligned-mem-16       - Slow unaligned 16-byte memory access.
  slow-unaligned-mem-32       - Slow unaligned 32-byte memory access.
  soft-float                  - Use software floating point features.
  sse                         - Enable SSE instructions.
  sse-unaligned-mem           - Allow unaligned memory operands with SSE instructions.
  sse2                        - Enable SSE2 instructions.
  sse3                        - Enable SSE3 instructions.
  sse4.1                      - Enable SSE 4.1 instructions.
  sse4.2                      - Enable SSE 4.2 instructions.
  sse4a                       - Support SSE 4a instructions.
  ssse3                       - Enable SSSE3 instructions.
  tbm                         - Enable TBM instructions.
  use-aa                      - Use alias analysis during codegen.
  use-glm-div-sqrt-costs      - Use Goldmont specific floating point div/sqrt costs.
  vaes                        - Promote selected AES instructions to AVX512/AVX registers.
  vpclmulqdq                  - Enable vpclmulqdq instructions.
  vzeroupper                  - Should insert vzeroupper instructions.
  waitpkg                     - Wait and pause enhancements.
  wbnoinvd                    - Write Back No Invalidate.
  x87                         - Enable X87 float instructions.
  xop                         - Enable XOP instructions.
  xsave                       - Support xsave instructions.
  xsavec                      - Support xsavec instructions.
  xsaveopt                    - Support xsaveopt instructions.
  xsaves                      - Support xsaves instructions.

Use +feature to enable a feature, or -feature to disable it.
For example, llc -mcpu=mycpu -mattr=+feature1,-feature2

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